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Specialising in the Fabrication of Steel House Posts.

Steel House Posts

All prices are based on the post having a non-adjustable 2 sided top plate (225x75x8mm) (see pictures below for top plate designs) and a standard cast in concrete bottom plate (100x100x6mm). If you require different top plates please adjust the price using the following amounts. If you require different bottom plates please contact us. All prices include GST.

1 Sided - $1.00ea.

Corner + $3.30ea.

Tee + $6.50ea.

Cross + $11.00ea.

All posts are made from 75x75x4 Supagal SHS with Zinc painted top plates.

400mm $57

500mm $60

600mm $63

700mm $67

800mm $70

900mm $73

1000mm $77

1100mm $80

1200mm $83

1300mm $86

1400mm $90

1500mm $93

1600mm $96

1700mm $100

1800mm $103

1900mm $107

2000mm $110

2100mm $114

2200mm $117

2300mm $120

2400mm $123

2500mm $126

2600mm $130

2700mm $134

2800mm $138

2900mm $142

3000mm $146

3100mm $150

3200mm $154

3300mm $158

3400mm $162

3500mm $165

3600mm $168

3700mm $172

3800mm $175

3900mm $179

4000mm $182

4100mm $186

4200mm $189

4300mm $192

4400mm $195

4500mm $198

4600mm $202

All other sizes please contact us.

Add $27.50pr Post for Adjustable tops. 

Add 38% per post for Hot Dip Galvanized Posts.

89x89, 100x100 and 125x125 SHS posts are also available. Please contact us for prices.

Please note. Due to a 36% steel price rise over the last 12 months the costs have been adjusted as of 20/11/21. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We can supply Hot Dip Galvanised Posts for use near salty environments. These posts need to be sent away after fabricating so please contact us for a Quote.

We are also able to supply and Deliver some other steel products. SHS, RHS, Flat, Angle, Sheet, Plate, UB, Channel, Etc.

Also check out our eBay items for more post options. Searchseller: justposts2010

Please contact us for more information.

Check our Blog for Delivery options and the latest news from Justposts.

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