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Specialising in the Fabrication of Steel House Posts.

Important information to consider before buying posts from us.

  • The first and most important if your casting your posts in the ground is "Dial Before You Dig" more information can be found on their website www‚Äč.1100.com.au or call 1100.

  • Posts that are being cast into concrete are now required to be painted in Brushable Bitumen (waterproofing) from the bottom of the post to 100mm above the concrete footing. This should be done by the installer once they know how deep the post will be in the footing. This is why we don't paint the cast in bottom plates of your posts. It saves us time and you money.

  • Brushable Bitumen can be purchased from most hardware stores. 

  • We are only able to fabricate your posts. We aren't responsible for fitting or concreting your posts in place. We can recommend local builders and contractors that can assist you with this. Please contact us if you require assistance.

  • We only use Quality Australian Made Supagal SHS (square hollow section)75x75x4 in our posts. We DO NOT use any imported steel.

  • All Quotes are valid for 2 months unless otherwise stated.